Fatal Fury Cels

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This section is for all my Fatal Fury cels in total. They are arranged according to there sequences. It will be: OVA 1, OVA 2, The Motion Picture.

 Kim Fights Back!

 Panni Watching Laocorn

 Terry Lifts Sulia

  Jamin On The Rebound

  Earth Quaker!

 Laocorn Attacking

  "C'mon baby, this is my place!"

 Richard Myer!

 Thrust That Pepperoni!

 Lily Death Flashback

 Terry Having Some Liquor

 Hauer Landing

 Hauer Capturing Sulia

 Panni's Defeat

 Andy Approaches Mai

 Terry In The Cave

 Laocorn Reaches For The Crown

 Laocorn Acquires The Crown

  Andy vs Laocorn

  Andy vs Laocorn

 Sulia Reaching Out

 Laocorn Charging A Projectile

 Screwwwww Upppppppaaaa!

 Laocorn Has Become A God
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Curator: lwk
Gallery Created: 5/23/2002
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