Andy Bogard

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Andy Bogard is Terry's brother. They were both homeless children that Jeff Bogard took in. This is why they don't share a resemblance to their father. Andy as depicted as a more vicious fighter, and Terry as a more perceptive fighter that has his style in mother earth over viciousness. Regardless of this fact, Andy changes over time to be a more caring and patient individual. After being defeated by Geese, he's humbled to the fact he has more to learn. In the second OVA, he's evolved, but he still cannot beat Terry, in the movie he is depicted more towards accepting Mai as a lover.

 Andy Leaves To Fight Krauser

 Andy Exits

 Andy Searches For Mai

 Andy Turns To Terry

 Andy Looks On

 Andy Approaches Mai

 Andy vs Laocorn

 Andy vs Laocorn

Curator: lwk
Gallery Created: 5/23/2002
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