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Tony is only in the 2nd OVA, and he is Terry's biggest fan so to speak. He witnesses Terry beat Kim Kaphwan, and then lose to Wolfgang Krauser. After he loses that fight, he never gives up on Terry. Tony is a fighter himself, though his father was actually killed in a fight. His mother doesn't want him involved in that life style, but he runs away from home to follow and help Terry regain his composure after being defeated by Krauser. After he beats Krauser and Krauser dies, he tells Tony that fighting leaves only emptiness. Tony's life is seen as a life lesson, but it also shows the inner sadness of Terry's life path.

 Tony Settei

 Tony Through The Crowd

 Tony Looking Shocked

 Tony Refuses To Give Up

 Terry Holds Tony

 Terry Holds Tony

 Tony In Terry's Arms

 Terry Holds Tony

 Terry Holds Tony

 Tony with Terry

 Tony Feeling Somber

 Tony Looking At Terry

 Tony Feeling Sad After Krauser Dies

 Goodbye Terry!

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