Wolfgang Krauser

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Wolfgang Krauser is my favorite SNK design on and off of the OVA's. He's pretty much considered the 'undefeated' genius. His story isn't villainous, contrary to Geese Howard's. He's a unique antagonist, as his place in the games is not about anything other then defending his status as the best. In the OVA's, he's really shown in this manner, and despite the loss of the scar and mustache, he's so well depicted, he's like a unique version of himself. The core fundamental in who he is remains though.

 Krauser Walking (A-17)

 Krauser Walking (A-20)

 Krauser Walking (A-29)

 Krauser Walking (A-30)

 Krauser Walking (A-11)

 Krauser Walking

 Krauser Catching 'Burn Knuckle'

 Krauser Informs Tony

 Young Krauser

 Young Krauser

 Young Krauser

 Young Krauser

 Krauser Remembering His Father

 Krauser Side

 Krauser Versus Joe

 Krauser See's His Blood Again

 Krauser See's His Blood Again

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