If you want to sell any cel's, my email is lwkusa at hotmaildotcom. Check out my wishlist!

March 8, 2017. I will be receiving another few cels towards the end of this year, maybe more earlier if I get a lucky find, but no promises. Also I closed the cel group due to stress, but it has been re opened here and it's run by a solid team.


As of June 6, 2016, a huge update was made. I added new sections, updated existing ones also. I am still very much in the game and collecting actively. The Facebook group has received some growth, thanks for your support!

If you are interested in joining, it can be found here: Anime Cel Collectors

I opened this gallery in 5/23/2002 originally. I specialize in Fatal Fury/Garou Densetsu cel's only. I loved the 2 OVA's and the motion picture. I collect cel's from all three of them actually. I specifically collect Wolfgang Krauser cel's. In fact, my nickname LWK = Lord Wolfgang Krauser.

I also collect other characters, Geese Howard being a more wanted character for me also, and I recently scored a huge wishlist cel of him for a great price. I am going to be getting a new camera soon, so expect pictures of my acquisitions over the next few months.

News & Updates

6/6/2016Monster update! Check out the sections. I've started new character sections as well.
3/14/2016Wishlist cel secured for Young Geese. Paid way more then it was worth though. Not to happy it hit Ebay =/
2/10/2016Should be a update in the next week if I can get the camera working. Scored two more dream cels. They were listed wrong. Got em for 500 yen each ^_^
1/4/2016Many cels coming, about 20'ish cels over the next few months. I managed to score three more cels of my favorite character, which I like, and one character I wanted to get cels for, but due to unavailability, even in the price jacking era ten+ years ago, I didn't bother. I got some of the best ones of all now though for worthwhile prices.

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Fatal Fury Cels (107) 6/9/2016
Andy Bogard (8) 6/6/2016
Axel Hawk (3) 9/21/2015
Billy Kane (1) 11/15/2015
Duck King (1) 11/15/2015
Geese Howard (4) 6/6/2016
Hauer (2) 6/6/2016
Hwa Jai (1) 12/3/2015
Jamin (2) 11/15/2015
Joe Higashi (4) 6/6/2016
Kim Kaphwan (1) 6/6/2016
Laocorn (7) 6/6/2016
Laurence Blood (3) 6/6/2016
Lily McGuire (3) 6/6/2016
Mai Shiranui (1) 8/24/2015
Panni (2) 6/6/2016
Richard Myer (1) 6/6/2016
Sulia (6) 6/6/2016
Terry Bogard (26) 6/6/2016
Tony (14) 6/6/2016
Tony's Mother (1) 6/6/2016
Wolfgang Krauser (28) 6/6/2016

Curator: lwk
Gallery Created: 5/23/2002
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