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Hello! My name is David Maher, I am 32. I live in California. I like repairing and restoration. I stopped with cels many many years ago. Stuff dried up at the time, but I wasn't spectating YJ or anywhere else long term then, so it makes sense. I collect and play video games competitively. I have over 15,000 posts and joined a Neo-Geo community in 2000/2001. I play Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike in tourneys in California, I also run a youtube channel that I poorly advertise. It is here: www.youtube.com/urlwk

I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend Cindy. I am also a tech and can restore and fix electronics. I am currently working on a Jaleco Pony Mark IV and Megalo 410 japanese candy cabinets. I love hunting for valuable stuff at thrift stores, and am quite knowledgeable on Native American jewelry.

Here's some pictures of my game collection that I treasure, the Neo-Geo stuff explains why I only collect cels from Fatal Fury! I've been getting Neo-Geo stuff since the 90's. I also do perler bead art, and made the ones seen in the SNES/Super Famicom image.


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